Tawnie Lucas is a singer-songwriter from Halifax NS. Tawnie started writing music on acoustic guitar in High School and continued to sing and write music throughout University. She also played as a keyboardist and back-up vocalist in a few local bands. In 2013 Tawnie started producing electronic music and released three albums under the artist name Ominar. The two main albums released under Ominar were ‘Transition Roads’ and ‘Leaving’. Both albums were nominated for NSMW awards, featured on several music blogs, and played on radio across Canada and the US. Ominar also played an ECMA showcase in 2017.

Under her own name, Tawnie released an acoustic EP called ‘Self Talk’ in 2018. She is now writing moody, alternative, R&B pop, which is the style of her latest album ‘Night Mind’. Most of the album is written on guitar and piano, but produced with electronic beats and synth. She combines the raw emotions of acoustic music, with the beats and sounds of alternative pop. Her latest album ‘Night Mind’ has some darkness, along with a theme of personal power, sexuality, and self awareness.